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Being a good web designer is not something that happens overnight. If you are new to web design, then you might feel a little overwhelmed with everything that you need to do and all the information that is out there. However, there are certain aspects of web design that you should focus on as a beginner and this will help you overcome your fears.


The saying practice makes perfect is one to remember when looking at web design in Norwich. It is important that you continue to practice the different types of coding and learn how to use the related software. The languages you need to start with as a beginner include HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. You should also look to learn systems like Photoshop and Corel.

Start With Simple Designs

You may have an excellent and intricate design planned out in your mind, but this should not be where you start. In fact, many web design Norwich companies recommend keeping your designs as simple as possible. Adding simple graphics to a website can bring visitors in just as quickly as an intricate design. You should also remember that intricate designs are harder to create and to maintain.

Small Graphics

The graphics included in the design should be kept small. Of course, they should not be so small that your viewers are unable to determine what the picture is. It is best to experiment with image sizes and placement before you set the site live to ensure your user is getting the best experience possible.

Communicative Graphics

The graphics that you use on your site should add something to the content. This could be to give your viewers an idea of the content or to show something in a visual manner that is being described in text. However, you should not put too many graphics on your site as this increases the load time and could make the page appear cluttered. Balance is necessary for all parts of web design, particularly when it comes to graphics.

Have A Standardized Theme

When designing a website never change the theme across the different pages. Keep the pages consistent as this helps your visitors when they use the site. Having different page structures could complicate the site usability and can lead to users leaving prematurely.

Optimize The Design

Search engine optimization is important in all aspects of website management and design. When you create a design, you need to ensure that it can easily be optimized for the business that uses it. Some aspects that you should consider are how easily the meta tags can be changed and how the title will be read by search engines.


When considering the compatibility of your web design, you need to think about browsers and devices. There are some users who will view the website from Chrome while others will use Safari or Firefox. It is important that your design is compatible with all of these browsers otherwise, it could warp and make it difficult for some viewers to navigate.

More and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet and browse the web. This means that you need a website that is compatible with computers, tablets, and phones. There are some Norwich designers who offer mobile versions of their sites while others just allow the site to be read as is on a mobile device. You need to consider which would work best on your website and what a mobile version would offer.

Follow But Don’t Copy

When you start designing, you should look at the designs that other professionals in Norwich area are using. However, you should not simply copy the design and change a couple of aspects. You need to follow the trends that they use, but also, make it your won. To become a successful web designer,, you need to learn from and be inspired by others, but not copy their work.

Be Passionate About Your Design

When you deign a website, you need to be passionate about it. If you are designing something that you do not feel excited about the outcome will be poor. Making the design your own is a great way to inject the passion that you feel for web design into what you are creating.

Ease Of Use

When creating a design you need to think about how easily everyone can use it. This will include the viewers of the website and the owner if you are going to sell this on. Each of these people has certain needs that should be met when you plan the design.

The owner of the website needs to be able to add content and make adjustments fairly quickly. Ensure that your design allows for easy addition of content and aspects like titles and navigation can be easily changed.

Regarding the viewer, the primary aspect to think about is how easily they can navigate the site. Any navigation should be at most three levels deep. You should also ensure that everything is easy to locate when viewers land on the site.

Basics of Website Design with Well Web Development Team

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My name is Regina Wood and I am the founder of Well Web Development. I believe that to master any skill, the foundation or the basics must be very strong. The entire idea behind WellWebDevelopment.com is to teach the basics of website design and also search engine optimization to young designers.

The biggest mistake that any budding designer does is that they directly jump to advanced level of web design without understanding the core rules and semantics.

In the future posts, I’ll be posting beginner lessons for website design that will help you build the much required foundation.

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